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Participating in kickboxing 3 days a week for one hour at a time increases maximum oxygen uptake.

Muscle Strength

Participants will see improved muscle strength in both upper & lower body.

Weight Loss

Kickboxing provides an aerobic workout that burns calories. Kickboxers have more muscle mass and lower % of body fat

Mental Health

Kickboxing will help improve anxiety, stress, and depression. It can regulate your moods. It helps to relieve mental pressure through physical action

Do You Struggle With:

Weight Control

We’re all to familiar with this one. Weight control is one of the most common struggles in the world today! You are not alone. We can help!

Time Management

“I don’t have time to workout.” Sounds familiar? This is a very common excuse that your brain makes up to keep you from accomplishing something difficult.


They say 80% of your results come from what you are eating, not from your time in the gym. Find out how we simplify this for you!


Take the guesswork out of your workouts. Our professional coaches will guide you to your fitness goals with proven, results-driven programs backed by science and years of experience.

Getting Started Is Easy


Getting Started is Easy. Choose what class time fits your schedule and plan on arriving 15 minutes before class.


Be prepared. Wear comfortable clothing, bring a water bottle and be prepared to sweat.


Start your journey. You are now ready to work on your fitness goals. Start your journey now!