We Make Kickboxing Fun!

At Paradox we understand that adopting new fitness habits is difficult. Our goal is to change your view on fitness, so that it becomes a part of who you are and your lifestyle.

We are a small studio with a big attitude, great instructors, and members. We are a community that will encourage and support you while you work to achieve your goals.

Our Instructors


Mgr, Personal Trainer & Instructor

Kristine is the manager of Paradox along with being an instructor and a certified personal trainer. She has been with Paradox since the beginning in June, 2021.


Assistant Mgr., Instructor, Yoga Instructor

Madelynn is assistant manager at Paradox. She is a also a great kickboxing instructor and is recently certified in Yoga training.



DT has high energy classes. She has been an instructor for over 10 years and she loves it!



Morgan was a member who loved kickboxing so much she asked to become a part-time instructor. You will find Morgan at evening classes.



Savannah is our youngest instructor at 16. She started with us at 15 and has progressed into a great instructor. She is dedicated and instructs evenings and weekends while attending high school.



Miles is attending St. Charles Community College and instructs part-time. He is our only male instructor. He teaches an awesome class.



Lyndsie loves to instruct and help members with their goals.

Stacy Schirmer


I opened Paradox Fitness and Kickboxing ion June 1. 2021. I enjoy kickboxing and love seeing what dedication our members have. Along with my instructors we have built a great studio and fitness community. I hope to continue to grow Paradox and to help people with their fitness goals.